Who We Are

“Nobody wants you to succeed more than I do”.
– Donnell

This is an all too true mantra in regards to my relationship with my clients. Whether it be Realtors, business owners, choreographer’s, or content creators I thrive off of collaborating with clients and seeing them to the finish line. My goal is to create moments for my clientele and their endeavors that will bring them lasting success and satisfaction.

Donnell Goss Jr.

I got my start in a very fortunate way! With high school being the platform in which I was introduced to filming and everything video production, it wasn’t until I had my first internship in New York where I was able to be a part of a team and thrive! Pretty fresh out of high school, I was soon filming and editing shows; sending those shows into networks such as BET. Also, writing directing and filming my own movie entitled “The Battle”.

When I moved to Denver, CO in 2012, I saw my imagination flourish! Further solidifying that my love, passion, and creativity will never diminish! I create because it’s who I am.

Let’s create together!